Artesians News · Athletic Notes–Closure/Spring/Thoughts

1.  School Closure:  The MSD of Martinsville will be off limits at the conclusion of school today (March 13, 2020) to all faculty, staff, and students.  Indoor and outdoor facilities are closed and cannot be used until further notice.  All athletic team practices, workouts, contests, banquets, and conditioning is cancelled until further notice.  This extends to any youth and travel teams as well.  School administration will reconvene on Friday, March 27 to determine the next course of action.
2.  Spring Schedules:  The IHSAA released a statement regarding spring sports today.  The IHSAA currently plans to have Spring state tournaments.  The IHSAA also mandates that student athletes need 10 practice days before competition.  In the next week, Mid State Conference ADs will meet to sort through our spring schedules to determine what we can/can not do.  Please be patient as we sort through a new abbreviated schedule.  We will do our best to provide you with the most realistic/competitive schedule that we can create in short fashion.  While optimistic, please be ready for additional changes.  New/updated schedules can always be found at or follow us on @ArtesianNation
3.  Assisting Athletes:  During the next couple of weeks, please encourage your athletes to do the following, at home, academically and athletically (not an exclusive list):
Set an alarm and get up
Complete ELearning assignments on a daily basis
Do not procrastinate academically
Compete academically to do your best
Do push ups/sit ups
Jump rope
Wash Hands
Keep social distance
Sneeze/Cough into your elbow
Practice good hygiene
Be ready for school/athletics when we return to session
4.  Be Patient:  We are in unfamiliar waters but we will get through this.  We all need to be patient.  If we are calm, our athletes will do the same.   The ultimate goal is to keep our student athletes, safe and healthy.  This is not what we hope for but it is what we are dealt.  Hang in there, support each other, stay or get healthy and be ready for the SPRING SPRINT!