Artesians News · Senior Profile

Name: Billy Buis

Parents: Keith and Dawn Buis

Sports: Football, Track, Wrestling
Favorite Class: Conditioning for Athletes
Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Colip
High School Accomplishments: State Finalist in 4×1, Most valuable runner, All-Conference Track, Regional Finalist 3 years
Plans after High School: Career Firefighter for City of Martinville
Favorite Sports Moment: I loved intercepting Bloomington South, a ferocious tackle following and being the only football player to have a Pick 6 the last 2 seasons.  I also loved redeeming myself our Freshman year against Decatur Central for the win!!!
What you’ll miss most: I will miss football and track the most.  I will regret not having my Senior track season and making the run for state.  I will miss Coach Breach kicking my butt in the weight room, Coach Whitson on the football field and Coach Moscrip on the track.  I wish Coach Whitson well at his new school and hope he makes his “#29miles” there!!!Inline image