Artesians News · Senior Profile

Name: Michael Betz
Parents: Chuck and Shannon Betz
Sports played: Football, Track
Favorite class: History
Favorite teacher: Mr. Eric Lund
After graduation plans: Committed to Eureka College to continue my football career and pursue a history education degree
Favorite sports moment: My Favorite sports memory from my time at MHS has to be the beginning of this senior track season. After deciding not to run track as a junior it was nice to get back out with the guys to just run. Some of us long distance guys started getting together and getting a two clap and a Ric Flair to finish practices. That last day of track practice I will remember us getting in our little circle and hitting a Ric Flair
What you’ll miss most: At this moment I’m not sure what I’ll miss more. There is just a feeling that a locker room gives that isn’t replicated anywhere else. I know I will definitely miss all of the coaching staff from both track and football. I’ll miss having family feel during a season and getting that feeling back when that season comes back around. I’ll miss the support that this town always gives it’s teams even during the rough times. But I think most of all I’m going to miss representing MHS as an athlete.
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