Artesians News · Senior Profile

Name: Devin Swab
Parents: Paula Richardson and Dewey Swab
Sports played: Soccer and Track
Favorite class: Calculus
Favorite teacher: Mr. Urban
High School accomplishments: IU Honors Language trip to France, 3.5+ GPA, and spending all the games and meets with my friends and pushing myself as hard as possible.
After graduation plans: I will be entering the Navy as a crypto linguist
Favorite sports moment: I have had many favorite sport moments. I think one of my favorite moments in track though was just getting to run in the 300m hurdles with Spencer at Sectionals. I had terrible shin splints and I could barely stand but something about that race just made me lose myself. I got 5th I think but I got a PR and I felt amazing. One of my favorite moments that I got to share if my hurdle family.
What you’ll miss most: I think what I’m gonna miss the most out of high school sports are all of the close connections I got with so many people. I met so many people that I never thought I would talk to otherwise. I’m gonna miss the soccer warm-ups as we’re all just making fun of each other, I’m gonna miss the moments before our hurdle races where we just hype each other up and run along the side of the race cheering each other on. I know I was never the best athlete but I seriously will miss all of the beautiful experiences I have had.